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The Power of Wearable Vibration

Developed by experts, validated by science

Myovolt is a patented wearable recovery technology that targets Vibration Massage Therapy directly onto the body.


Our technology has been carefully engineered over many years by experts in wearable technology. The benefits of Myovolt have been tested and validated by experts in sports physiology.  See our published research.


Myovolt combines therapeutic vibration together with a gentle warming effect to  massage and relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. By promoting circulation and stimulating blood flow Myovolt aids faster recovery of muscles and joints after any physical activity.  In a similar way,  Myovolt can be used to warm-up, loosen and reduce stiffness in muscles before sports or exercise.

Featuring state of the art vibration technology, digital controls, a unique flexible design that contours the body and weighing in at only 100 grams / 3.5 oz. it’s the softest, lightest and most streamlined vibration technology anywhere.









Use anytime

Take anywhere


& Portable

Wear over clothes

or next to skin

USB Charge

80 mins run time

Results in 

10 minutes

Myovolt is lightweight and comfortable to wear, it molds around the body without restricting movement.

Easy to wear in any situation, simply wrap Myovolt over your clothing or use it directly against the skin.


Convenient to use whilst walking, sitting, standing, lying down or exercising. Carry it with you for on-demand massage where ever you are, at home, at work, on the sports field, in the gym, on the road.

Wear Myovolt to warm-down after your workout, match, training or any physical activity to prevent soreness. 

Wear Myovolt to warm-up, loosen, stretch and prepare muscles before exercise

Wear Myovolt to relax, relieve stiffness and ease muscle pain anywhere, anytime.

Backed by Research

We want to help people feel better and we are committed to bringing you the best solutions in recovery technology supported by scientific validation.